Wednesday, 10 December 2014

'My daughter escaped this,' says father Andressa Urach on recovery

Carlos Alberto Krejci Urach spoke with EGO on Tuesday, 9, and said he wants to re-visit the model when she is discharged from the ICU.

Nei e Andressa Urach (Foto: Divulgação e AgNews) 

 Carlos Alberto Krejci Urach, father Andressa Urach , does not hide his excitement when talking about the recovery of his daughter. Retired spoke with EGO on Tuesday, 9, and commented visit of the details that made ​​the model on Saturday, 6 . "I've only been with her ​​on Saturday and had to return on the same day because I have my appointments, but I'm talking to who has been taking care of her. She is improving day by day, for sure there will be no more unexpected, my daughter already escaped this. When I arrived I thought I would find it much worse, but it was fine. Speaking low but cheerful. I just two minutes and was asked to leave because she is still weak, "he said, who traveled eight hours of Bosssoroca in gaucho interior, to Porto Alegre to see his daughter.

Carlos Alberto said Andressa reassured. "She said, 'This is a stage and I'm out of it, pretty soon I'm out of here.' I told her, 'Take care my daughter', these father of things. She asked me, wanted to know how I was. She was well fallen, leaving this mad situation, but I left full of hope, even asking God for her to go through it and get out of this at once. I was happy when I read yesterday that the doctor said that she is improving, walking, communicating. Because when I went there she was lying in bed with pain and did not talk to much. I'll wait for her to go to the room to visit her again so that it is easier, "he said.

On Monday, 8, the doctor Pedro Alexandre da Motta Martins, head of the hospital's plastic surgery Our Lady of Conception, spoke with EGO and told about the clinical course of Andressa . He said the model is already moving, watching TV and is feeding. 

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