Monday, 22 December 2014

Maria denies everything

Mary Imizcoz, Javi Martinez's ex-girlfriend, has denied reports that claimed he had begun a relationship with Alvaro Dominguez from Atletico Madrid former player now in the ranks of Borussia Moenchengladbach.
"I'm tired of false rumors," he told LOC. "The news is quite false, ridiculous and uncomfortable," added Mary about it and explained that "Alvaro and I met at Oktoberfest last year" and was then (2013 and not now) when a picture together were made.
"Since then we have not seen," he said and was very upset by what has been published. "When you get the news, he even had to ask for my phone to a mutual friend to contact me," he said.
After breaking with Javi Martinez in February, Maria still lives in Munich where he found more opportunities in Spain to develop her modeling. He has taken several reports and by the time the return to our country does not arise.
After his denial, seems to have no new partner while Javi has been seen kissing a brunette, but it appears that there is a serious relationship.

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