Monday, 22 December 2014

Lou Williams and his two brides, a very happy trio

Lou Williams, Toronto Raptors guard is not only taking a spectacular start to the season in the NBA but off the court also is going swimmingly. And according to the American press account is dating two women at once.
Lou, 23, has, as it were somehow an official girlfriend named Ashley Anderson and this in turn went out with Rece Mitchel. He calls 'the blonde and the brunette' and has made ​​him both form a loving trio that has already become a viral phenomenon.
Guard out with both together and also separately, showing that the trio is the most-matched and that there is no problem between them. Quite the contrary. And above, and have become the envy of other players like JR Smith has not hesitated to tweet that "if this is true, Lou, you're the man!".

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