Friday, 12 December 2014

Laia Alexis deletes your Instagram and ... your life?

Laia Grassi has erased all the photos from your Instagram account in which appeared with Alexis Sanchez and both the British press as the Chilean speculate that the Catalan designer and Arsenal striker could have broken because of alleged infidelities and continued tocopilano .
Will she finally be rested Alexis Wenger after being accused of being out of shape by excessive sex with your girlfriend ? Were the text messages, according to Miss Chile, Alexis continually sending the trigger for the alleged break ? Many questions loom over a story that still have neither confirmed nor denied the protagonists.
The fact is that the relationship is dotted with chiaroscuro. Recall that a little over a month the child that Mary Plaza, former girlfriend of player says he had with him was born and, last but not least, getting pregnant when Alexis and left with Laia ...
Also, one should also keep in mind this is not the first time that Laia deleted photos from Alexis and again could be a storm in a glass of water prior to a new reconciliation.
While Daisy loses its leaves, good will again see the photo gallery of the Catalan ...

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