Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Kaka-Carol: neither marriage nor perfect divorce

They made ​​us believe that his life was a fairy tale. They hypothesized to be virgins at marriage for their religious beliefs. Kaka and Caroline Celico looked like a model couple. But no. Their marriage was not perfect and looks like it will not be your divorce after nine years together and two children involved.
And is that the Brazilian media indicate that they have been about to engage in a legal battle in the bloodiest. In fact, they took the -custodia well-cast case and the law courts, but soon they decided to opt for dialogue rather than jump to tackle head on the courts.
Yan have reached an agreement regarding the custody of Luca (6) and Isabella (4): will be shared. Thorniest seems to be the financial system and especially now that Kaká goes to Orlando City where he charged a good record ...
Although they try to decide together .... With their lawyers. If they do not, resume the war reached a divorce, say, precisely because of the departure of Kaka to the US and because of some infidelity looked like a 'holy man'.

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