Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Kaka and Caroline: war and reconciliation now!

Their separation was about to result in a total war in the courts, but ultimately, and shortly before settling their disputes in court, Kaka and Caroline Celico reached an agreement to share custody of their children. Now the Brazilian press notes with surprise how the couple has returned to approach and in recent days there was talk of a possible reconciliation that just confirmed.
And when it seemed that the ways of Kaka and Carol had irrevocably split, both spent Christmas together with their two children. The proof was given by the same singer, who published on social networks a photo of four sea of happy and as if nothing had happened.
As if that were not enough, a few days ago both went together to the wedding of a friend and also very pleased posed for the cameras. Also ensures that they will spend the New Year with children after Kaka back from Orlando where is closing all the details of his new football adventure.
But conifmaci├│n that reconciliation has taken shape is the tweet, though separate and identical in their respective accounts, Kaka and Caroline have hung. "Happily Ever. Feelings 2015", have both written next to a picture in which they appear kissing. Where Diego said ...

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