Friday, 12 December 2014

Footballer Alexander Kokorin amused with strippers in the sauna

Forward "Dynamo" was seen in Barvikha surrounded by naked girls


Footballer Alexander Kokorin celebrated a draw with a team of "Ruby" by the example of their Italian counterparts . Available channel LifeNews were pictures in which a 23-year-old athlete resting in a bath complexes Bavrihi. After water treatments star team of Russia moved into the arms of naked girls. From clothes, by the way, got rid himself scorer and fondled naked body overheated ladies.
It is noteworthy that his lover - Darya Her compositions - among temperamental beauties with outstanding forms was not, but last night she was accompanied by a football player at the premiere of Timothy "capsule".
According to sources, curvaceous hour with prostitutes in the average cost of $ 300. Do they have sex - is not known.
Alexander Kokorin with his girlfriend Daria Her compositions and CEO of Black Star Pasha at the premiere of & laquo; capsule & raquo; December 10th


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