Friday, 12 December 2014

Andressa Urach brother had an accident the day she was admitted

Robson, 5 years borrowed a children's bike and hit the wheel of a truck. The boy says he dreams of following in the footsteps of famous sister.

Robson, irmão caçula de Andressa Urach, com o pai, Carlos (Foto: Divulgação) Carlos Alberto Krejci Urach took to visit her daughter , Andressa Urach in hospital ICU in Porto Alegre because of his youngest son, Robson, 5 years. By a sad coincidence, the day on which the model was hospitalized - Sunday, November 30 - the boy borrowed the bike of a grandson of Carlos Alberto, age 9, and slammed it on the wheel of a truck. Robson had the leg scraped the tire and had to be taken to hospital. After medicated, he went to the house with his father, but had to remain under observation. "It was a big scare. It all happened at the same time. Once the Andressa was hospitalized on Sunday 30, my son suffered motorcycle accident. It was God who saved him, because he could have lost his leg! "Says the father.

Robson is the darling of Carlos, that besides the boy has five children, including Andressa. "It also has I do not know. They say it is a girl who is my daughter, "says the former truck driver, 54, which brings the curriculum multiple marriages and the stallion fame. "I was beautiful. You know ... gaucho, blonde ... Today I am no longer all that and I'm retired "he said. 

Carlos, who has custody of Robson, lives with her son in Bosssoroca inside the Rio Grande do Sul. To take care of the boy he has the help of a girl who lives with them. Despite his youth, the boy is aware of everything that is happening with the 'mana' Urach. "He's in love with her and has his temper: it is smart, explosive. His dream is to follow in his footsteps. He says he wants to be a model and work on television as she. Beauty has to it, "says the father owl will visit her daughter now only when it is in the room. "I believe that next week it will be already transferred."

Andressa Urach is admitted to the ICU of the Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição, in Porto Alegre, from the 29th because of complications after removal of the hydrogel applied to the model's thighs in 2009. According to press officer of the information model, Cocoa Oliver, Thursday, 11, his health condition remains stable and it follows admitted to the ICU without high forecast. Andressa remains also receiving morphine to ease their suffering, though doctors are already reducing the dose of medication.

On Wednesday, 10, a spokesperson reported that the model is beginning to walk regularly . "She's starting to walk. Put your foot down, sit ... And after all this time lying, pain in this process was expected. She has been taking morphine since entering the hospital, but now they are taking 
Robson, irmão caçula de Andressa Urach, com o pai, Carlos (Foto: Divulgação)   

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