Wednesday, 17 December 2014

And now that Alexis did not render ... in bed!

Much say that Wenger could sit you on the bench because of his tiredness excess sex and it turns out that the Chilean press ensures that where Alexis was not surrendered but not in the field ... in bed!
Surely, the news of 'The Fourth', a Chilean tabloid, does not have much credibility, but is already beginning to circulate. In Italy, for example, have echoed the assumptions amatorios Alexis problems with his girlfriend, the Catalan Laia Grassi, which was described as little more than an insatiable woman.
I cromprobádlo verbatim reading of the text, which has no waste. Says 'The Fourth': "rich That's when one is told" no first without the second ". Yes, apparently to our Alexis asked him the third, fourth and even fifth having no time to take a break. And one is not iron ... "
The fact is that according to this information, "Laia Grassi hit the chop Sanchez (sic ...) all because he could not stand the pace in bed". A very different version that was released a few weeks ago this and other means ensuring that Alexis did not measure in the field opposite: having sex in excess ...
Finally, and for now, the only certainty is that Laia Grassi has deleted your Instagram photos for Alexis and I think he has also made ​​his life.

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