Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Ronaldinho will get an imitator of his 'piscinazo'

Ronaldinho revolutionized the networks a while ago with a photograph that appeared with five girls ass in pomp in a pool. That image, which was a joke to a friend for which he received much criticism has wanted to emulate a player much more modest than the architect of the resurrection of the club.
This is the Peruvian Diego Chavarri, who plays for San Simon of the first Peruvian division, who was photographed, also in a pool, with girls showing their 'bumbum' to the camera. The difference is that if Ronnie was five women in Diego are just two ...
But it's not important. The image Chávarri is also going around the world and not for adding 'I'. "Ronaldinho ... there we go!" Wrote the midfielder in a nod to one of the greatest of all time. On and off the field ....

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