Friday, 28 November 2014

The Rome says yes to the strip club in the evening: "We liberals"

 Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini spoke about the case exploded after the match drawn against CSKA Moscow .
A Russian website has revealed that some players were granted a night out at a night club , as confirmed by the executive Giallorossi: "I had the suit, if I had I would have gone too ... The boys had the permission of the now, we are a liberal leadership that knows how to be in tune with the group. The team needed to get distracted, have made this output in friendship and especially compact. We are happy that the team wants to find themselves also do something enjoyable. "
"The dressing room seems particularly cohesive, also the last night out was made in group ... (laughs)" added to the microphones of Radio Rome.
Even Borriello we joked about, via Twitter: "An evening for the pleasure of staying with the group !!! Luckily I do not need to do anything else local !!!".

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