Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The president of the CBF collects ... girls

Marco Polo is the name of the traveler, but the concept that best defines you in this case is 'adventurous'. Because that's what it is, and elegantly told, the future president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).
And is that Marco Polo of Nero (73) just broke his relationship with Carol Muniz a model ... 45 years younger! Carried out just over a month and this week traveled together to Turkey to attend the game that the Brazilian team played against that country.
Everything was fine, and Carol had hung several pictures showing networks happiness. However, all of a sudden, he also announced via Twitter that they had broken. The reason, as explained later in various interviews, he did not want to become "housewife".
Apparently, Marco Polo had offered to work as a sports journalist (he has studied journalism), but she prefers to continue as a model and actress. "I'm not a doll and I have my plans. I'll do what I like and not what he proposes to me, but between us there will always be good friends and may even spend the New Year together. "
Carol, who had told in an interview that the next president of the CBF is a phenomenon in bed is not the only young bride who had Marco Polo Nero as a bride.

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