Sunday, 23 November 2014

Nicole Scherzinger, new queen of Formula 1

Formula 1 now has a new queen. This is Nicole Scherzinger, Lewis Hamilton couple, new world champion of the specialty, after winning the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.
The English needed to overtake Nico Rosberg and did so in a peaceful race that his girlfriend was followed by a bundle of nerves in the paddock.
Nicole was one of the first to congratulate him with a kiss, before even the helmet is removed. Immersed in promoting his new album, 'Big fat lie', I was not sure she could attend the race, but in the end it was able to do so.
"We will pray for you this weekend," he wrote on social networks, without hiding their anxiety about the outcome of the last and decisive race of the racing season.
Nicole and Lewis pass a good time having resumed a relationship full of ups and downs for the ravings of the pilot. Now it seems that everything is going well and even Wedding bells.

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