Monday, 10 November 2014

M'Vila's ex, arrested for attempted murder!

Nabilla Benattia, known as the French Kim Kardashian for its more than fair with the American celebrity and ex-girlfriend of Inter player like Yan M'Vila, has been arrested for the attempted murder of her boyfriend, Thomas exfutbolista Vergara.
Nabilla boyfriend is in hospital with stab wounds to the neck and chest and although the model tried to mislead the police by ensuring that three men had attacked them at the entrance to a hotel, his version was quickly removed by the cameras security.
Vergara, who left his promising career in Marseille with an injury and is also Nabilla couple in reality the most successful in France, is in critical condition but was able to tell the police not to press charges against the model.
The images clearly show how to check into a hotel in the suburbs of Boulogne-Billancourt was perfectly Vergara. It was later when police were alerted to a heated argument and went to the couple's room where he found a man severely injured.
First thought version Nabilla, who said they had been attacked in the street before entering the hotel, but then discovered that there was not any blood when they reached the building. The police suspect that the model threw the knife that had stabbed her boyfriend through the window of the room, after having been cleaned.
At the time of publishing this article, Nabilla was about to testify before the judge who must decide whether lsigue arrested or allowed to go free.

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