Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Marika Fruscio, the other front of Naples

 No doubt that the fans of Naples is one of the most passionate in the world, but certainly also the one with the largest number of models willing to teach all or most of the club he loves.
Three of the most famous 'tifosas' Neapolitan team have agreed to star, separately, a calendar for 2014. As you can see a progression of Raffaella Fico , Balotelli's ex-girlfriend, and also that of Anna Fusco , entitled the 'angel azzurro'; now it's time to present the the spectacular Marika Fruscio.
Habitual in sports gatherings of Italian television, where he has confessed his weakness for Higuain , the Frusco is also known as the other front of Naples for reasons that are obvious ...
The renowned photographer Oliviero Bruno, as he explains, wanted to present it as the prototype for modern, sensual and capable woman in a calendar that has been titled 'il cielo in a stanza' (heaven in a room).

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