Monday, 10 November 2014

Kaká scores with ex-girlfriend Ronaldinho

According to Brazilian media is Jakelyne Oliveira, crowned Miss Brazil, the new woman in the life of Kaka last year. The footballer, who currently plays for Sao Paulo and recently is back in the national team that news must still confirm.
After the break with his childhood sweetheart Carol Celico that he announced Wednesday, Kaka thinks it is still too early to talk about. A new love early 

Striking: Miss Oliviera is an ex Ronaldinho. In March of this year posted 'Dinho' on Mother's another picture of him with Jakelyne. "A special kiss to the woman of my life," Ronaldinho put there. Long so it was not between Jakelyne and former star of FC Barcelona. In the Brazilian magazine "Caras" Oliviera said that Ronaldinho too little time spent with her and that he did not understand that message.

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