Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Ilary Blasi: "Totti was jealous, but now ..."

Francesco Totti was once jealous towards Ilary Blasi, but with time the situation has improved. To confess it was the same showgirl in an interview with the weekly magazine 'Today'.
"Freedom is necessary at any age, even now - explains the 'Hyena -. If I can not carve out space for myself crazy. Finally now Francis understands and does not get angry anymore. I recently made a trip to London my friends. "
"We had some dark times - he adds - but nothing serious ever deeper crisis. There have been ups and downs, periods of boredom and other merriment. But we never talked about separation, at most there may have been a day bit 'quieter than usual. Francesco and I grew up together, we now have a deeper relationship, we know better and we are even closer. "
"I related to him that I was only twenty years old, but coming back I would do it all over again," said Ilary.

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