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Gave bad! Learn what went wrong in the 2014 Miss Butt

Gave bad! Learn what went wrong in the 2014 Miss Butt

Vivian Cristinelli, Ana Flávia Magalhães, Indianara Carvalho e Claudia Alende no Miss Bumbum 2014 (Foto: Iwi Onodera/ EGO)The final of Miss Butt Brazil 2014 - which established Indianara Carvalho , representative of Santa Catarina - the night of Monday, 17, in São Paulo, had several surprises in his scenes. Candidates sparred, clothes were stained and rolled to a climão Andressa Urach between the presenter and the winner of last year, Dai Macedo. Below the controversies that surrounded the contest:
Stolen Music
Right at the bikini parade the first candidate, a controversy has surrounded the backstage. When Jac Veloso, candidate of Pernambuco, climbed on the catwalk, Vanusa Hoppe, representative of Mato Grosso do Sul, cried behind the curtains: "This is my song I choreographed and rehearsed until she stole!". Once Jacob left the stage, Vanusa, crying, grabbed the arm of colleague and said: "Bandits!".

 Suntan oil slick bikini
To get a more tanned appearance, the candidate of Ceará resorted to a tactic somewhat risky. Before going on stage, she spent a tanning oil all over the body and spotted her bikini. Desperate, Renata Alves tried to clear hastily: "Help me I'm all stained!". But there was no way, the representative of Ceará entered the catwalk with skin all stained and dirty bikini with oil.
 Detalhe de Renata Alves, candidata do Ceará, no Miss Bumbum (Foto: Iwi Onodera/ EGO)
Climão between Urach x Dai Macedo
During the interval, Andressa Urach called Dai Macedo to parade the catwalk. Despite requests from the audience, the 2013 Miss Butt refused to lift her dress and showing her attributes. Urach not held and criticized Dai. "So I'm the eternal Miss Butt. Even today if you ask I show. The other wants to be an actress from the Globe, paying holy and will not get anywhere." Dai left the stage with a frown.
 Rebeka Francys desfila no Miss Bumbum 2014 (Foto: Celso Tavares/ EGO)
 Angel wings?
Rebeka Francys chose an outfit for her Victoria's Secret angel to parade in bikinis. What she did not realize is that your little angel's wing was upside down and was a little weird. The candidate of Rondônia was more to face with the little devil wings.
Already the parade without panties with evening dress, Francys Rebeka, who was known as Miss Butt evangelical, just showing too much.
Pimple or boil?
The worst nightmare of a Miss Butt happened to Ana Paula Costa, representing the Holy Spirit. A pimple appeared on his butt on the contest day . The cat, who believes he has been the victim of voodoo, had to pass pounds of concealer to disguise.

Andressa Urach not lost on fellow nudge. "She should have applied some recent product and festered. After this, I will examine and pass it to the jury that is to boil it. That will not help makeup go. For these and other ridiculous to think that the attitude of some candidates wanting to appear this type of media, which only harms their image. It's in a contest butt and shows a boil? That's being stupid. Gross! "

  Tied third place
The tie in third place among the candidates Ana Flávia Magalhães, Goiás, and Rebeka Francys, Rondônia, was unprecedented in the history of the contest. The two had to parade again and Ana Flavia was chosen by the judges. By knowing the outcome, Rebeka not disguised, crossed his arms and made unfriendly face.

"I knew it! I knew"
The candidates who were not among the finalists of Miss Butt did not accept the situation very well. At the end of the contest, they shouted in the halls of the event: "I knew it!". The candidate Bruna Valentim revealed the EGO that the title was sold:.. "The Indianara paid for this place and it was not cheap, it was around 120 thousand dollars The second set also paid about 80 000 The only real surprise was the Third . An absurd, "he said.

Already the candidate of Ceará showed that came from knowing all combined. "We came to show to the media and make our name, because we had no hope of winning, everything was sold. The organizer of Miss Butt, Cacau Oliver, denied the charges." Every year is the same chat. There are 27 candidates and all wanting to win. Can say it was sold, do what? I think the result was fair as well. The third, for example, was a difference of only one point, "he said.
 Vivian Cristinelli, Ana Flávia Magalhães, Indianara Carvalho e Claudia Alende no Miss Bumbum 2014 (Foto: Iwi Onodera/ EGO)
 Vivian Cristinelli, Ana Flávia Magalhães, Indianara Carvalho and Claudia Alende Miss Butt in 2014 (Photo: Onodera Iwi / EGO)

Claudia Alende e Ana Flávia Magalhães, respectivamente segunda e terceira colocadas, no Miss Bumbum 2014 (Foto: Celso Tavares/ EGO)Alende Claudia and Ana Flávia Magalhães, placed second and third respectively in the 2014 Miss Butt (Photo: Celso Tavares / EGO)
 Dai Macedo, a Miss Bumbum 2013, na edição de 2014 do concurso (Foto: Celso Tavares/ EGO)
 Dai Macedo, Miss Bottom 2013, the 2014 edition of the contest (Photo: Celso Tavares / EGO)
Andressa Urach no Miss Bumbum 2014 (Foto: Celso Tavares/ EGO)
Andressa Urach Miss Butt in 2014 (Photo: Celso Tavares / EGO)

Andressa Urach e Jennifer Pamplona (Foto: Iwi Onodera / EGO)Andressa Urach and Jennifer Pamplona (Photo: Onodera Iwi / EGO)

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