Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Adriano denounced Brazilian authorities for drug trafficking

Adriano (foto AP)
The authorities of the state of Rio de Janeiro reported Tuesday the Brazilian international Adriano for drug trafficking.
However, the prosecutor did not consider it necessary to arrest the advanced but asked that his passport be confiscated, because Adriano "being a person with significant financial resources and power to engage an escape."
The complaint came after a police investigation, which found that the "Emperor" have purchased a motorcycle cylinder for a high drug dealer in the neighborhood Vila Cruzeiro in Rio de Janeiro, where the footballer grew.
The bike, bought in 2007, was registered in the name of the mother's drug dealer Paulo Rogerio de Souza Paz, the person who authorized at the time the entry and exit of people and hosting events in the region.
Adriano is close to signing by French emblem Le Havre, so this case may affect the transfer of the former player of Inter, Parma, Rome, Corinthians, Flamengo and Atl├ętico Paranaense, among others.

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