Monday, 27 October 2014

Wanda Nara showed his belly in seven months and ... we ate at Mauro Icardi mouth!

Transiting her fourth pregnancy, most of the Nara sisters enjoy, with her ​​husband, the arrival of the little drink. Happy new month to meet with him, shared a photo soo caramel and then showed his tummy.
Wanda Nara lived a superb present. Mauro Icardi crush on, he does not hesitate to share some of their privacy by 2.0 world. The 27th of this month, Wanda and Mauro celebrated another anniversary together and she chose to share a kissing photo "Sweet 27 ♥ I love you forever," he wrote.
While waiting for his first wife's daughter, and due to the repeated requests of his followers to show 'closer' to her belly, she gave him a cute message to her baby. "Slowly comes my girl's tummy Countdown , ♥♥♥ two months away. "
A (very!) Sweet expected.

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