Thursday, 30 October 2014

The 'pechotes' Madrid footballers and friend

Your name, Isabel Mateos, you probably will not say anything. But his nickname itself. It is the now famous' The pechotes', the intimate friend of the also famous "Little Nicholas', the young impostor who rubbed shoulders with high places and whose exploits have put in serious doubt the safety of the country's institutions.
After revealing his friendship with the 'Little Nicholas', which according to Interviu reveals he offered to mediate the president Núñez was not going to jail for the subject of finance, this young journalism student only 19 years focusing all eyes.
The daughter of a renowned businessman tries to 'disappear' from the madding crowd, but more and more details of it appear and a photo is known to be a follower unconditional Real Madrid and is even friends with some of the players to whom he met through his work as PR for some of the most famous nightclubs in the Spanish capital.
We leave you with the photos of 'The pechotes' and you'll see that lives up to the nickname with which knows the 'Little Nicholas', said to be her boyfriend even though it is just for a friend, his best friend ...

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