Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pennetta: "Marriage with Fognini? Not yet ..."

Flavia Pennetta is looking forward to starting with Fabio Fognini: "Two tournaments, then: holiday! Only 17 days, but can not wait. We'll go to the sea, though this season we have to take other aircraft. But I want of the sea. Where? We do not know yet. "
"I'm getting married? No, not yet ... - adds a nice Brindisi on the relationship with Mr Liguria -. He has a great talent, he just needs to manage their condition. I try to advise him, to give him support, not a tennis player, but girlfriend from a friend. It 'good to separate the two. His reactions are instinctive, as if he were holding their breath, without air. They are the expectations, the pressure that they get you. I know it well. I, too, when I entered the top ten in 2009, I did not manage sapute. Then I realized, I recovered. That 's what I keep telling Fabio: do not worry, it's just a game. I am very sorry for him, because it's really attentive, caring. "

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