Monday, 27 October 2014

"Balotelli is the love of my life, but finished"

This time we must believe that they have definitely broken. At least this is the first time, after many twists and turns, that one of them concedes that have left the relationship. What she has done. In an interview with Belgian magazine Nina, Fanny Neguesha was filed.
"Mario is the love of my life, but it all ended," he said. "It is definite" and punctuated added that "we are not fighting. I wish him well in life and in his career."
Fanny insisted that no hard feelings to the Italian front, but did not specify if the reason for the split was an affair as some media suggest. "If you love someone, you can not hate because the relationship has ended badly. I can feel dececpcionada, but I wish things would be bad. If you need me I'll be there for him. As a friend, "he said.
The model seeks to overcome the trauma. "Mario was my first love. But I hope you have another great love for me. I'm still young. One day I want to get married and have children. "
Looking back, Fanny said, "I was not prepared for the pressure of being his girlfriend, for all that attention. At first you're happy when a picture of you has much impact worldwide. You get the feeling that all eyes are on you ... but soon became an annoying routine. You always have to be careful with what you wear, what you look like. It's exhausting. It was a great effort. "
Fanny, who recalled in an interview that her father died when she was 11, "was very hard," has been very active in recent days in the nets. He has published photos of the story, a trip with her friends, and another for charitable reasons.

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