Monday, 1 September 2014

The irony of Mauro Icardi: "sure I do not drown!"

Since Mauro Icardi announced the pregnancy of Wanda Nara, we had a little forgotten the 'Wancardi'. But they do not stop. Never. The couple is an inexhaustible source of news that Argentina Italian press and spread profusely.
So urgent give you an update, because otherwise we will be many things in the pipeline. For starters, say the couple spent a few days off in Monaco, from which they realized in the nets hanging many pictures you can see below.
In one of them, in which he saw Wanda in bikini in extreme close-up (the top left), the player of Inter pulled irony and wrote: "Sure ... I do not drown."
Do not add anything more about it and move on to the next topic of today Wancardi: more than four million dollars (360,000 euros) which ensures that the daily Very Icardi has been spent on gifts to Wanda for nine months (three married) makes are together. A Lamborghini Gallardo, mini chihuahua, Cartier bracelets or Vuiton handbags are some of the expensive present.
Last but not least, Wanda's father has revealed the identity of the man who the star he practiced oral sex in a video that circulated on the Internet a few years ago and it made ​​shot to fame. He is a businessman Daniel argentino.llamado Stropparo and Wanda's father says he knew he was recording their relationships, so he warned his daughter and she ignored him ...

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