Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pirlo's ex gets in tune with his new love ...

It is often said that where tit for tat and that, more or less, is what has happened to Pirlo. He left his wife for another and has been holidaying with her ​​new love airing Valeria Baldini, who has appeared topless in Italian magazines ...
Well ..., fine stylist has seen his ex-wife, Deborah Roversi, step by step avenged. First, in court, where he drew a pension of 55,000 euros per month, and then competing in hot summer.
It first appeared in topless on a beach in Miami and now the vendetta has been completed. The Chi magazine has caught devouring kisses and cuddles his new love. Called Alessio Albini, is 40, and an Italian businessman 40 years that has 'crazy one' worked with a body in the gym.

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