Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Miss Bumbum Portugal, new Wag

-Marianne Ranieri-34-okyes
Marianne Ranieri, Miss 'Bumbum' Portugal, is about to become a WAG. A Brazilian website has just catch it by eating kissing a football player in the country. This is Tiago Fernandes, who plays for FC Miami Dade American division of the fourth (NAL), a club founded just four months ago.
As explained by Marianne herself, met five years and now Tiago has been reunited in Miami, for professional reasons does. Miss Bumbum, participating in a reality show with Portuguese players, said "I'm meeting Tiago and I can not say I'm in love." He also said he does not mind that have been photographed topless while kissing injury.
Also, Marianne denied that he was bisexual, when asked about a possible 'affair' with model Graciella Carvalho, with which he made ​​a very sensual perched, as you can see in the photo gallery below. "I'm heterosexual convinced and never I fell in love with this person, he's just a friend and we have no contact. "
Marianne is also the official reporter of the contest 'Miss Brazil 2014 Bumbum'. He drew Claudia Alende, by far the most votes, as his favorite. Both star in a perched just dressed in military.

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