Friday, 22 August 2014

Sylvie 'extremely happy' with newfound friendship Sabia

The restored contact between Sylvie Meis and Sabia Engizek has paid off. Sylvie is even "extremely happy" with the developments.

Sylvie and Sabia saw each other a long time, but were recently spotted smiling together in Hamburg. None other than the son of Sylvie and Rafael van der Vaart, the 8-year-old Damian, this was the instigator . 

Damian had a hard time with the overt quarrels of his mother and the girlfriend of his father. 

In Private Sylvie states: "Except that this is the best gift that we could give Damian I myself am also extremely happy with how everything went." 

According to the blonde's got the pain of separation, the loss of hope in the future. " 'I think that should bind us together. Eventually we want all three the same and that is to try to be happy. And what does it matter how you finally manage to achieve that goal? It's the result that counts. "

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