Monday, 25 August 2014

Jourdan Dunn: Sturridge's ex is golden

The British Jourdan Dunn (23) has become the first black woman appearing in the annual top ten highest paid models who makes Forbes.
The ex-girlfriend Sturridge is one of the angels of Victoria's Secret (that dominate the ranking) and publication stands at four million dollars its earnings for the past twelve months, surpassing other top as her close friend Cara Delevigne or Candice Swanopel, it was one of the godmothers of South Africa World Cup.
The list, once again, leads the Brazilian Giselle Bundchen, certifying revenue of $ 47 million. Bursts with great force Kate Upton (7 million), which stood fifth in his first appearance behind the Bundchen, Doutzen Krous (8 million), Adriana Lima ($ 8 million) and Kate Moss (6 million) cited.
Regarding the relationship with Sturridge Jourdan Dunn, broke shortly before the World Cup in. The British media were about to choose her as the queen of the WAG's Brazilian championship, when they discovered that the Liverpool striker had left Jourdan and was vacationing with another girl before traveling to Brazil.
The couple began dating in February and from the start kept their relationship secret. To Jourdan was his first relationship with a celebrity. The top has a four year old boy, Riley, whose father was imprisoned shortly after birth, for possession of cocaine

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