Monday, 18 August 2014

Bruna confirms that it has broken with Neymar

Once again it has been confirmed that the rumor is the prelude to the news, saying the legendary José María García. And is that a few days ago we told you in Brazil was speculation about the new rupture force between Neymar and Bruna Marquezine, the news has been fully checked by the main protagonist.
The actress opened her heart to the Brazilian television program 'Fantastic' and in an interview to be broadcast on Sunday first spoke of the end of her relationship with the Blaugrana striker. "We have a very large baby. Love, admiration, respect ... will be eternal, "says the only court released so far.
Bruna gave the interview to the journalist Helter Duarte, expressly traveled to Los Angeles where he is shooting his first Hollywood movie, entitled 'Breaking Through', director John Setnam.
Other sources have said that the rupture was caused by jealousy and by the refusal of Neymar to marry the short term, thus contradicting the actress who, in recent statements, he confessed that his future plans passed by marriage to a maximum of four years.
"I will continue working, but I'll live with my husband and be a mother of twins. My biggest dream was always to be a mother," said one Bruna also confessed that the courtship with Neymar was taken "very seriously and have a commitment."

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