Thursday, 28 August 2014

A costly gift and a declaration of love play

Three months after their wedding, Mauro Icardi confessed more in love than ever of his wife and mocked those who predicted an abrupt end to their relationship. In addition, he gave a very special gem ...

It is an alliance of Cartier gold valued at several thousand dollars he gave him as a further indication of its commitment. "They say, there is time to 3 months to" escape "after Signing Marriage. 3 MONTHS We meet today. And so I make this gift for that ours is Eternal and Infinite.wanditanara Quiero Amarte always !! You're My Life, My Family, My Everything .. * 05/27/2014 * ✌💜❤ "he said in Instagram.

The story of Mauro and Wanda have a dizzying pace. They fell in love and married a few months after releasing its romance. In June, they organized a party for 200 people at the Palacio Sans Souci San Fernando and time, announced they would become parents of a baby.

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