Monday, 14 July 2014

Zaira Nara: "If I marry Pico will be secret"

While tremendous Wanda Nara is their particular and controversial battle with Maxi Lopez, who recently denounced by physical violence, his sister seems to be very focused on his relationship with Pico Monaco. And the sexy Zaira Nara struggle every day to his relationship with the player go from strength to strength.

In fact, the Argentine media that his point is solid romance, even more since they began living together together following the assault that occurred in the house of the model. The beautiful brunette, who said worship their privacy in your apartment, it seems that now enjoys his cohabitation with Monaco. However, despite her relationship is going well, the truth is that the explosive Zaira Nara is afraid to leave the back at the altar.

That's why, when often is asked about a possible wedding with tennis, the brunette will shoot the other way. "If we get married, be a secret. Still, for now that will not happen, "he answered many media has been asked. And, for those who do not remember, the sister of Wanda Nara was abandoned by Diego Forlan remained when just a month before their relationship was made official ...

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