Friday, 11 July 2014

Wanda Nara complaint Maxi Lopez physical violence

It had been several days since we heard about the tremendous Wanda Nara. Well, there is tremendous news of the blonde, since his return to Argentina, Argentina tremendous WAG has not only married to Mauro Icardi but has starred in a new confrontation with Maxi Lopez, the father of her children.

Turns out the lush Wanda Nara has decided to file a complaint with the Justice for "physical violence", as has transpired in the Argentine media. Was the journalist Angel Brito has announced that the blonde has decided to take legal action against the 'Hen', who is accused of abuser. "The complaint was made orally by Wanda on April 3, 2014."

Also, the reporter noted that there would have been an act of aggression against her and her mother. "In this case detailing how were the acts of violence against Wanda Nara and not only against her, but against her mother Nora, who was also a victim of violence."

And it added that even "after divorce, Maxi Lopez continued violent behavior." In fact, as reported, Maxi Lopez told Wanda Nara "bitch, I'll break your head, I'll kill you." And if that were not enough, "whenever searching for his children, assaulted with insulting phrases and contempt." Will have to see how the case proceeds and what is the resolution of the same ...

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