Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Shakira and Hummels, players rose Surf World Cup in Brazil

Although the World Cup in Brazil has ended, still becoming known regarding different world championship it won last Sunday news Germany. The first and most important of them is the rumor about the possible pregnancy Shakira again. Turns out Gerard Pique's girlfriend, who starred in the lead up to the tournament final show, was seen in the ceremony with a wrap dress which aroused the curiosity of many.

That's why they started to say that the beautiful Shakira might be expecting their second child, but if not, we would be questioning her belly and hence her figure back. The fact is that the next album will not come out of the Colombian market through 2016 as she announced, so it seems to have a long rest period ahead ...

But Barca WAG has not been the only one who has made headlines after the World Cup in Brazil. So has Mats Hummels, tournament winner with Germany. It turns out that despite having girlfriend Cathy Fischer as the central showed his joy at having met Adriana Lima: "World Champion in the Top 10 of the Golden Ball and have met Adriana Lima in vivo. Three things I thought would never happen. I have to figure out which is best of the three. " We have it right ... right?

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