Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Musa causes of Argentina: "Neymar is a boy who thinks he plays»

Renata Alves, a brasileira que representa a Argentina no Mundial (foto )
Sensual and bold. Thus presents Renata Alves, a native of Ceara, one of the most stunning muses of this World. This blonde, 1.78 meters, has a responsibility to defend the competition in Argentina. Have defended the colors of São Paulo, the Paulista championship in Muses, but declared himself now a passionate Argentine people, their culture and of course, football. As for the best in the world, Renata has no doubts. 
"Messi is the biggest and the best player in the world. Neymar is just a boy who thinks he plays, "said the dummy ... it is confident of a presence on the end of your selection. Moreover, recently, as a way of paying homage to Argentina, made ​​a very bold production which appears just wrapped the flag selection of Messi and company. 

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