Friday, 11 July 2014

Dolores Aveiro attempted abortion when pregnant with CR7

Mother of CR7 released biography, which makes surprising revelations. This Sunday you can read an exclusive interview on "News Magazine"

Mother Courage. This is the title of the biography of Dolores Aveiro, written by Paul Costa and Sousa hit bookstores on Thursday. In the book, the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo reveals he wanted an abortion when she was pregnant the Portuguese playmaker, but the doctor did not support the decision.

In one of the passages in the book, the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo reveals that when she became pregnant the current Real Madrid player even tried to get an abortion because he had at the time, 30 years, and was the mother of three children, Hugo, Elma and Katia.

"I wanted an abortion, but the doctor did not support me in the decision," he says, adding that without the support of health professionals, opted for a homemade recipe: black drink warm beer and run up the body does not endure. But it did not work and eventually lead to pregnancy and later gave birth to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Also the origin of the son of the captain of the national team, Cristianinho, is approached by Dolores in the book. The Madeiran explains how CR7 knew wanted to be a father. "I have a son and want it to be the mother to help me educate you and give you love like you did with me and my brothers.'s Mother baby will never be known," announced his Advanced Real Madrid. And Dolores was to go to the other side of the Atlantic to pick up his grandson. "

A woman in the U.S. was supporting your body's first child Ronaldo (...) Until the day the grandmother Dolores tighten the belt flight that led to Florida "arrived, it reads.

His childhood, the pain of breast cancer and the difficulties that went along the other life are the themes of "Mother Courage". Tomorrow you can read in the magazine "News Magazine", coming out with JN, an interview in which Dolores speaks bluntly about the biography. "I agreed to do this book because I thought I could pass an example to others. And the Ronaldo said he knew very well what was going to say," stresses the progenitor of CR7.

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