Monday, 14 July 2014

Di María woman tells the truth about the war Botinera

Jorgelina Cardoso decided to end speculation and clarify how the internal among women national team players. Guercio Are feuding with? Broncas? Woman with Messi?

"I swear it's a lie. We have good vibes between all and there was no fight or anything that could generate these version. Gratefully, there is nothing all that ... we are all together encouraging", said by telephone in Intruders.

When asked why that Eliana was party to a different audience, said:"The location is not dependent on us if we do not sit next to each other is because we do not agree, but just greet us even from afar. . Same goes off the court, the hotels are changing. Some stayed and others, family matters or work, they have to come and go from Argentina so we are always together we can. "

On the mood of your partner for your injury and the possibility of being left out of the final, told: "He's dying to play because he feels he does not want or can miss this final works day and night to get ten points I wish I could.. ".

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