Friday, 11 July 2014

Colombia in World eighths. With the help of Angela?

Ângela Serna uma manequim que dá brilho à seleção da Colômbia (foto )
Born May 27, 1988 in Colombia. Was given to know the world of fashion. The media attention crossed borders through social networks accounting for more than 15,000 followers on his official Twitter account. Answers almost all posts. The task has been, however, very complicated in recent days. Especially after a photographic production in which he sought to show all your support, your passion for the Colombian national team in the World.
A test of this sexy mannequin that stands out for his charisma, sensuality and numerous campaigns blue jeans. Notes wherever you are present. She that in addition to motor sports, vibrates with all the emotions of football. Whether clubístico level, América de Cali (Colombia) or by its selection this Thursday already stamped a passport to the eighth-finals of the World.
Quintero will, Jackson, James Rodriguez and company had the opportunity to see these photos before meeting with Ivory Coast? Only they will know answer, but it would be a significant help, it would be ...

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