Monday, 2 June 2014

Luana Chamorro, the new muse of the 'Red'

As we said yesterday, in the coming days we will present the models of the HR agency who work realizaso linked to a fiery World Cup in Brazil . Yesterday, we introduced you to the goddess representing the hosts, the most successful set of national history, today we have to talk about the preciousness noses offering unconditional support the 'Red'.

This time we are talking about the lush and stunning Luana Chamorro, gorgeous dress that has a recreation of the Spanish zamarra in this incredible compilation video of presentation made it lush and seven other women a few days ago. Without any doubt, it is a smart woman, and goes with the holders.But not only should be on our site for supporting the Spanish team, but because an unconditional fan of Casillas and Olimpia of Paraguay also states.

So, it is obvious that the lush Luana Chamorro is an exuberant 25 Paraguayan model who feels a great devotion to the sport and football in particular. However, it is a recognized goddess in her country, as it has posed for a few prestigious publications and has also promoted various firms and lingerie.

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