Monday, 2 June 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo's sister says it was hard on him often

The sister of Cristiano Ronaldo gave an interview to "Sálvame Deluxe" program, the Spanish channel Telecinco, and denied that the Portuguese international was against his participation in the reality show "Supervivientes 2014".

Days after leaving the "Supervivientes 2014" Katia Aveiro in Spain gave an interview in which he spoke not only in their participation in the reality show but also of Cristiano Ronaldo. The sister of the Portuguese ace, who was nine weeks on the island of Cayo Paloma, Honduras, said CR7 "followed all the competition" and that has always supported their participation.

Katie also spoke of his childhood in Madeira and revealed that she was the one who often took told the brother, as his sister and mother were working. "I have taken many times has Cristiano and I was hard on him. It bothered me because often preferred playing soccer to do their homework," Katia says.

The singer also said that just realized that Ronaldo was "different" when "he left Madeira to go play for Sporting."

"Everyone referred to the talent of my brother and everyone wanted to work with him," he said, shooting it, though, was not surprised with the talent of football because his father and another brother also played.

In the interview, Katia Aveiro only refused to comment on the relationship of Cristiano Ronaldo with Irina Shayk the Russian dummy and the paternity of the player, and is the unknown identity of the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo Junior.

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