Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Carlo Ancelotti, of Wedding Crashers

As we have seen over the past few weeks, the Real Madrid has spent a year of luxurious both professionally (with the achievement of the Champions League and the Copa del Rey) as well as a personal level, as many of the Real Madrid players have made great progress as your life is concerned.

But not only some of the players have taken important steps in their lives, but also the coach of Real Madrid will meet shortly a new I finish at the end of a glorious season, since he will marry his partner, Mariann Auger McClay in barely a month in Vancouver (Canada). However, that is not the thing.

It turns out that the Italian coach is 'prepared' in a special way, has served as best man at the wedding of his daughter, Katia Ancelotti, who is married to nutritionist questioned the white club, Mino Fulco. The ceremony, which already leaked photos, was held in the Basilica of Sant Angelo in Formis and took a total of 250 guests.

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