Friday, 9 May 2014

Tevez's ex and sex

For model Claudia Ciardone Argentina has been linked with various players like Higuáin, Mouche and Tevez, although surely his most talked regarding one of them was with the current Juventus striker.
Well, the blonde and takes a while without a partner and just confessed having trouble raising a serious relationship because men today "are vague because they have it easy."
Claudia said she was tired of "you get up in Whatsapp" and are not romantic. "The conquest was lost and is one of the nicest things. How easy is no fun. Although it will be a new generation of women like that, "said the magazine Paparazzi.
The former Tevez's not mince words when talking about their intimate relationships. "Women do not need sex organically and is not something to be thinking all the time. I spent two months without sex and I can be more. I get upset or not I get mad. In fact today if I'm not in a relationship, I prefer not to. "
About the guy looking to maintain said that "it is not lie mate" relationship. The rest does not matter much. "Then I do not care if it's ugly. In fact, all my boyfriends were unattractive, so ... "

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