Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Neymar: alliance with 45 diamonds Bruna?

Reconciliation between Neymar and Marquezine Bruna is a fact. The player himself confirmed last Sunday in a Brazilian television program and even stated that he had not come to cut in February, as published in the Brazilian media all heart.
The fact is that the player Barca confirmed they are together and in fact last week and they were spotted at the party caramel Monjardim Jayme, director of the novel 'Em family' that Bruna stars.
Before aparacer in that TV show a 'hickey' neck (supposedly work of his girlfriend) Neymar will be seen again by Bruna on Saturday night in a very caring attitude in the disco Sun Room, Santos, who belongs to Guilherme Santos, one of the best friends of the player and member of the group 'Tois'.
But some sources go further and say that the couple may already be promised or be about to do it (on the 12th is the day of lovers in Brazil). And according to the columnist Leo Dias, Neymar had already bought two alliances made with 18 carat gold and 45 diamonds, adding that they were purchased from the store 'Reis Man' from Sao Paulo with a value of nearly seven thousand dollars.
We'll see if the couple just confirmed the wedding bells or just stays at rumor ...

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