Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hulk's wife boasts a rear

The portentous and SUV Hulk, Zenit footballer, is known worldwide for its amazing supernatural power.However, the Brazilian player is not only known for his skills on the pitch, but also enjoys a great reputation outside them in the ass that looks.

And is that a few months ago, a television program measured its ass and certified that its measures were even better than a winner of 'Miss Bumbum' that in which rewards the best Brazilian female rear. Well, it has now been the wife of Hulk himself a beauty by the name of Angelo de Souza Iran, which talked about the great gifts of his boy. First, Iran has admitted he is happy to be married to one of the "sex symbols" of their country.

It has exalted his sculpted body. "He is physically privileged, and although no one can believe it, this underwear (the one shown in the picture) looks small when he puts it on, especially in the back. There is much ass that cover and look at larger stores, but it's very difficult. " And finally, he confessed with a laugh that "a woman began to touch her ass in front of me. I was surprised but I could only laugh. His 'bum bum' attracts attention, you can not deny. " Thus, it appears that the wife of Hulk is very happy with her popular husband.

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