Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Goddesses of the World Cup in Brazil, video

Just a few weeks ago, we announced that a modeling agency by the name of HR Models (owned by the photographer Héctor Ramos) had launched an exclusive calendar World Brazil which starts in just over a month.

If you do memory, I then commented that a total of 12 models were removed conventional clothing and had settled with national costumes representing each of the selections you played the most anticipated sporting event four years t.

Well, since is turning this tournament, it's time to present the video presentation of the twelve beauties touting some of the teams participating in the World Cup in Brazil (Argentina, Brazil, United States , Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Italy, Japan, Mexico and Portugal).

So then I leave you with these little clips where you can enjoy each of these beautiful maidens. We do not know which one to choose, but what is clear to us that this will be the hottest in the World and most beautiful women will participate. And you, which one do you like to play a little game ...?

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