Wednesday, 28 May 2014

God save the Queen!

 Natalie Weber is our queen. The queen of the ball Rosa. Mauro Zarate's wife won the last edition of our contest Rosa Golden Ball distinguishes Wag the year. She was the 2013 and seems to have been kind.
And the great Argentina is about to embark on a new stage in her life. Mauro Zárate just signed contract with West Ham for the next three seasons and soon the couple, accompanied by her young daughter Mia, will be set in London.
The English capital is something of a mecca for Wags. There are the following carefully and indeed the Daily Mail has already devoted an article for submission to the British society, eager to know the whole environment of the players who land on the Premier.
Undoubtedly, the highlights of the first Botinera the Pope received when he played in Lazio Mauro and before returning to Argentina for military Velez, will not go unnoticed. We wish her all the best and hope that our queen sympathy and beauty conquer London. God Save the Queen!

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