Thursday, 8 May 2014

Frank Rijkaard (51) for fourth time father

Frank Rijkaard has become a father for the fourth time. The 51-year-old unemployed football coach and his wife Stefanie have a son by: Ceejay. Mother and son are doing well and Frank can be found in the kitchen where he rubs biscuit with mice, knows Weekend. These days often

In 2009, Stefanie, gave birth to the former nanny of Frank and his ex-Monique, even though a boy, Santi. Santi has Ceejay so with a little brother.Frank had been a son with Monique (Mitchell) and a daughter (Lindsay) from his first marriage to childhood sweetheart Carmen. 

Since Frank was fired as coach of Saudi Arabia in early 2013, he put an end to his coaching career, and he's unemployed at home. Although his name is now abuzz again with Ajax, it seems that Frank has turned the world of football forever. Back According weekend he'd rather kick about with his children.

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