Thursday, 22 May 2014

Diego lawyer confesses: 'Claudia must be set ablaze. Now he's out of the administration of Maradona '

Victor Stinfale, Diego Maradona's lawyer, spoke with "The Diary of Mariana," explaining the action taken by the former player's powers to revoke their daughters, Dalma and Gianinna of funds.

"I have not heard that they have gone $ 10 million," said the lawyer with respect to the version that emerged from daily Very on suspicion of his own family by mismanagement in the company that markets her image.

Following Dr. Stinfale version clarifies how the situation arose: "A British company will do an audit, Diego ratification, so the company that manages the assets in the country are asked to cease activities, give documentation. Consequently, we sent letters to all document, because it is also a way to hold harmless the girls. "

"If people interpreted that Diego does not trust his daughters is a problem of interpretation. Doubt clears when I talk to Diego and says 'please aclará my daughters that I do absolutely nothing suspicious,'"said Stinfale.

"My not told that Tata distrust and Claudia, I was told to send letters documents. Diego told me put my hands in the fire for Dalma and Giannina."

Conr about the reaction that took Claudia to the decision of Maradona, Stinfale reported that he was upset. "Claudia asked if Diego distrusted daughters and I said no. Believe she had a communication with Diego. I think more than angry, Claudia must be set ablaze. outside now administration Maradona "concluded the lawyer explained.

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