Saturday, 24 May 2014

Caroline's brother reveals: She had found her wedding dress

The bridal gown was tested and selected. The day after the break between Wozniacki and McIlroy are stories of an extravagant wedding - to articles that were sent sent to print before the break.

The invitations were sent out, the party was planned - and Wozniacki had tried her wedding dress.

It revealed Caroline's older brother Patrik Wozniacki to Image magazine before yesterday emerged that Caroline and Irish golf star Rory McIlroy has raised the engagement.

- Keep the style of it, when it comes to Caroline. She has tried her wedding dress in New York not so long ago, but I have no idea how or the rings will look like, said Patrik to Image magazine .

The publication of the breakup came after weeklies deadline, and the two sports stars wedding plans can be found in several magazines that have come on the shelves today.

- I am really looking forward and it will be super exciting. I look forward to the party, but there is one thing I am very nervous about his speech, which I will keep, told Patrik whose opinions are now gone from telling the story of luck to rub salt in the wound.

Also See and Hear today can talk about the wedding. They write about an extravagant celebration of Manhattan in New York City with 400 invited guests - and a price based on hearsay would total 50 million pounds.

The amount must now be on Wozniacki and McIlroys bank accounts.

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