Thursday, 29 May 2014

Brazilian pianist Larissa Riquelme to strip wave and calls himself one of the muses of the Copa

Suzy pianist has everything to be one of the muses of the World Cup and after declaring that Larissa Riquelme is passed, she mocked the Paraguayan, made famous in the 2010 World Cup by placing the mobile phone between her breasts. The muse piano says it will not have anyone on that issue.

- The people have elected me, I do, did homage to football teams since last year, I'm not crazy that these appear out of nowhere on calling Muses - Suzy-pin on some Brazilian models autointitularam.

The Brazilian also went further and criticized some women who pose nude second she need to have visibilidadee still pinned Larissa Riquelme.

- Mobile between the breasts, any place ... Taking naked pictures, too. I want to see our country honor of a sensual and intelligent manner. Wait for the next video in tribute to Brazil and selection!# Chegandoahora - published in their social network.

Next week, the pianist will provide his version on Youtube for the World Cup.

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