Thursday, 29 May 2014

"Allegri Ibrahimovic and fought my fault"

"Ibrahimovic sent me sms and according to witnesses, Ibra and Allegri had a heated argument because of me." Whoever says Cecilia Capriotti is a model, showgirl and Italian actress, confirming the information contained in the biography of exblaugrana Zambrotta.
In the book, it is said that Zlatan and Milan coach then have remained a violent argument in the locker room "for technical differences" but Capriotti disagrees with this release. "Both were met in different circumstances through mutual friends," he began explaining.
He added that the Swedish striker, married for years, "he was very impressed with me. I had many compliments and told me he wanted to see me again. Then he began to send text messages, but it was not my type, "he said.
Cecilia continued his story by adding that "when Ibra learned that Allegri had also shown interest in me, came up to him to tell him to leave me alone and he did, so to speak, of a not too friendly manner", giving to understand that coach and player almost come to blows.
Not the first time the showgirl it is related to a footballer and not by loving motives. And in 2007, included a judge as a suspect in the investigation of an alleged extortion exblaugrana Francesco Coco, a position from which he was acquitted a year later.
Cecilia, who today is 38 years, decided in 2000 to Miss Italia, finishing fourth. Do not miss the gallery of woman faced with Ibra Allegri.

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